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If you have funding in your NDIS plan for assisted supports in the home or the community, Kukoon’s compassionate and empathetic team are here to help. You get to choose Support Workers that are right for you, to pursue your hobbies, achieve your goals and get out into the community. We allow you to choose who, when and where you receive support.

With Kukoon, you can feel completely safe with Support Workers that are covered by current insurance, are part of a highly trained team, and are genuinely here to help you get the most out of your NDIS supports. To ensure this happens for YOU, we match Support Workers to your needs and goals, you can interview them, and then have a trial period with one or more Support Workers of your choice.


We focus on helping you transform from a life of limitations to a life of opportunity.


With your chosen Support Worker in place, you can:

Do something fun

Participate in your community’s religious gatherings

Complex Care Specialists

Develop your skills, education, or learning

Support your Independence

Fulfill your travel dreams

Start a business

Support your Independence

Focus on your abilities

Kukoon NDIS Support Workers provide everything from general supports and care, in the community, in the home, all the way up to Complex Care Specialists and Community based Registered Nurses.

Kukoon Support Workers are

Certificate 4 or higher in Disability and/or Mental Health

NDIS Worker Screening Checked

Minimum 2+ years experience

First Aid and CPR Certified

Meticulously screened with previous employers and participants


Our NDIS Support Worker Team are creative in their approach, flexible in delivery, and unique to you, so we can be accountable for supporting you in reaching your personal goals.

Why engage Kukoon’s Support Workers?

The burden falls on us

As a registered provider we will ensure that we do the right thing every time and you can focus on achieving your goals.

We are an inclusive service that welcomes everyone regardless of the nature of your disability, gender, sexuality, age, cultural background, or personal circumstances.  We also respect your cultural heritage, customs, and beliefs.

Cultural and Personal Diversity and Awareness

Cultural diversity and awareness

We are an inclusive service that welcomes everyone regardless of the nature of your disability, gender, sexuality, age, cultural background, or personal circumstances.  We respect your cultural heritage, customs, and beliefs.

Support during challenging times

Our staff will listen to you, understand your preferences, and see your abilities as an individual person. We will take the time to get to know you and will be flexible with your requirements.

Kukoon is ready to support you

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FAQS about Support Workers

What if a Kukoon NDIS Support Worker calls in sick?

We all get sick from time to time. If you have a scheduled time with one of our Support Workers and they call in sick, we consult with you to decide if another Kukoon Support Worker can cover that shift, or if you prefer the scheduled NDIS Support Worker to come another day.

Can Kukoon Support Workers administer medication?

Yes. Kukoon has qualified NDIS Support Workers that can administer medication in the appropriate time and manner.

Do Kukoon Support Workers record care notes?

Absolutely! All clients have a support plan that aligns with their goals and our supports workers will complete care notes at the end of each shift, together with you.

Can I make complaints or give feedback about a Kukoon NDIS Support Worker?

All feedback, good or bad, is important to keeping Kukoon on top of its game. We have a comprehensive policy that details how, when and to who we welcome feedback. We provide this information to you during onboarding, and we regularly check in to seek your feedback form all clients from time to time.

How do I engage a Kukoon Support Worker?

Complete this form and we will contact you the next business day to get started.

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