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What are Individualised Living Options (ILO)?

Individual Living Options (ILO) are living arrangements that focus on the individual. They include Living Alone, Co-Residency, Host Arrangements and Living Together options. They are an alternative to group home services.

Your choice, your home, somewhere you are happy, feel safe and comfortable.

Kukoons ILO services enable you to receive support in deciding what living option is right for you.

Helping you explore housing options

Find housing that suits your criteria

Making sure your living environment is safe

Designing your ideal living situation

Settling into your home

Helping you take care of your home

Home is where your story begins. Live within the community on your terms.

Why hire an ILO service provider?

Before looking for accommodation or housing, an ILO provider will take the time to get to know you and your support system.  This allows them to explore with you the best housing solutions. You get to decide where you live and with who – they help you achieve these goals.

ILO providers can be used for assistance in maintaining your new home.  This could mean having help sorting your belongings, washing your clothes, cleaning, or even showing you how to use appliances so that you can be more independent.

By taking care of the administrative burden of NDIS, a significant weight can be taken off your shoulders so you can focus on the most important things in your life, like establishing a home.

Why choose Kukoon as your ILO provider?

You’re in control

It’s your house – you call the shots.  Nobody should tell you how or where you should live.

We specialise in supporting you achieve your living goals.  We will make it our mission that you achieve yours.

We are the experts

We are the experts

We specialise in supporting you achieve your living goals.  We will make it our mission that you achieve yours.

The burden falls on us

It can be stressful navigating NDIS. Leave it to us to ensure you have the right funding and that you are maximising that to find your best living options.

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FAQs about ILO

What is Stage 1?

Kukoon’s ILO team helps with Stage 1. It is all about exploring and designing the individualised living option supports you want and need. You’ll work out where you want to live, with who, what support you’ll need, and who you want to provide that support. At the end of this stage our NDIS Individualised Living Options team will complete a service proposal form.

What is Stage 2?

Stage 2 is where the Kukoon ILO team puts supports in place. The support depends on how and where you want to live, and what supports you need. This could include things NDIS don’t fund, like the support you get from friends and family. You can change your Individualised Living Option supports if your needs change. They’ll be designed to provide the safety, stability, and flexibility you need.

What is ILO not?

ILO is not:

  • Funding for where you live or home modifications.
  • Support for activities outside your home, such as work or study, playing sport or going out.
  • An arrangement where you don’t get to choose who you live with.
  • A program of set supports or services that don’t reflect your preferences or needs.

How can I get in touch with you?

Contact us through our phone number (03) 9193 3338 and

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